Medium Bed Mill

Grizzly G0704 Mill

g0704 hires

I originally purchased my G0704 primarily to convert it to CNC to help me understand what all the components are that make such a machine work.  I purchased plans from Hoss and completed his “Phase 1” conversion.  Essentially just adding motors to the existing hardware via some shop made mounts.  I learned much from the project and now there is rarely a weekend that this guy isn’t making some part or another.  Some of the brackets for my Charter Oak 12Z will be made on this machine.  I have found the G0704 to be a pretty decent machine for light work and aluminum.



I added a VistaCNC imachiii P1A-S pendant for more efficient setups.  This offers more easily controlled movement when zeroing cutters.  USB connection with simple setup.


lights installed

light on mill

I made a bracket and installed six LED waterproof lights that are marketed as daytime running lights for point illumination at the cutter.