Change gear wrench

I knew I would have to change the gears on my PM1440E LB for various threads and I didn’t like the idea of chasing after two allen keys and two wrenches every time, so I came up with an all in one wrench.

gear change wrench1

I took a length of 1/2″ 1018 rod and milled 4 flats to make a 3/8 square to fit a 3/8 drive socket.

gear change wrench2

Then I drilled and tapped so I could use a screw to hold the socket on.

gear change wrench3

On the opposite end of that bar and one end of another I drilled the next smaller size hole than the two allen keys measured at the points so I could press them in.

gear change wrench4

On the second bar end opposite the hole for the key, I coped the rod.

gear change wrench5

Then I tigged the two together.

gear change wrench6

Cut down the two donor ball end keys and ground a lead in to align when pressing in.

gear change wrench7

All the pieces of the puzzle.

gear change wrench8

I did cheat a little.  The nuts on the banjo and the large change gear were different sizes, I milled down the change gear retaining nut to match the banjo so I wouldn’t need two sockets, but I suppose the wrench could have been a four-way type with a second socket.