Updated weld area as of 8/2016.  New (to me) t slotted cast iron weld table made from the base of a really old Western Machine Tool radial drill.  Top alone weighs about 800 pounds.

weld shop 009

The bell of the ball, Miller Dynasty 210 DX with CPS. Attached to it are a Coolmate 3, Weldcraft W-250 25 ft torch and USAWeld foot pedal.  I made a sheet metal stand for the welder so I don’t have to bend over to reach the amperage knob and when not in use the foot pedal fits underneath.

weld shop 007

The Dynasty is rated to draw a paltry 30 amps at full output on AC.  Haven’t tripped my 30 amp breaker yet. The CPS feature adds a power supply and outlet on the back for the cooler which the welder controls.  If the welder has not detected any arc strikes in the past 30 seconds, it shuts the cooler off.  Coupled with it’s own fan on demand, if I walk over to another machine for a minute the welder falls completely silent.  Nice!


The Dynasty cooler plug is not a standard 110 outlet to prevent users from plugging in high amperage tools that the 110 circuit is not designed for.  The Coolmate 1.3 has this plug already on it, but I wanted the Coolmate 3, so I ordered this cable from Amazon and the Coolmate3 plugged right in.  (Both the Coolmate 1.3 and 3 draw exactly the same amps.)


Just for fun here is the Longevity 200dx that I have had for 5 years and the new Dynasty 210 dx that replaced it side by side.




On the Harbor freight welding cart, 220 volt 180 amp Lincoln Powermig 180c MIG welder with a 20lb steel CO2 cylinder.  Running 10# spools of solid wire. The “C” (I’m guessing commercial?) is what you get from the Local Weld Shop, not the same as from Lowes/Northern tool/Home Depot. It has the all metal drive and an actual contactor as upgrade from the retail stores.  Below is a 40 amp handheld plasma cutter capable of running on 110 or 220 volts.


Finally a good use for the Harbor freight magnetic indicator base, a tig torch holder.  I made up a fork that can hang the tig torch or mig gun.  Kind of handy that it can be magnetized to the front or bottom of the table too.