Lulzbot Mini

I struggled and finally gave up for the time being with the kit printer.  Without a resource to give me a known good condition, there are simple too many variables as to why at various times I was not getting good prints.

I researched watched and finally decided on the Lulzbot Mini.  I found the blend of “click to print” ready with open source to modify or upgrade appealing.   I am too impatient to have prints running for hours and hours so I think the smaller size will suit me for some time.  The Lady of the house bestowed the name “Prints S”.

It was very near to 15 minutes from opening the box to starting the first print.  It has printed 100% reliably over some multiple dozen objects so far.

LulzBot-Mini_product-photo stock photo


2015-03-24 18.34.31

Make Magazine Z axis resonance test.

2015-03-24 18.35.09

Fine positive feature test.