Lathe Tooling Gallery

The tool holders depicted below  are all of the BXA or 200 size import wedge lock style that I use on the PM1440.


Parting tool holder the comes customary with the generic 5 piece set.  P3 type HSS parting blade ground with a slight right bias.  Curls the steel up at 70 rpm.


HSS ground 3/16 radius cutter for a one off job.


1/2″ diameter “boring bar”.  For this reason I am only buying the “turn and face #2” holders. 250-202 part number.


 An old school and highly used 5/8 boring bar with 90 and 45 degree tool bit locations.


The customary knurling tool included with the 5 piece set.  At 70 rpm and lots of oil it does a serviceable job.


Shars MTVOR12-3B 3/4″ insert holder (404-1813) sporting a TNMC 32NGR062 Tin 1/16″ wide grooving insert (424-0722).  I indicated the cutting surface to within a couple thousandths from lathe centerline of the threading tool below to cut the groove at the end of a blind thread.  Tool holder was opened up to accept the 3/4″ shank.


Older Dorian Tool MTVOR12-3B 3/4″ insert holder with cheap Shars TPMA 32NV Tin (424-0806) threading insert.  This tool holder was also opened up to accept the 3/4″ shank.  Didn’t make sense to me to mill down a $70 insert holder to fit a $18 tool holder.


Ground HSS insert for turning.


Ground HSS insert for turning and facing as suggested in Tom Lipton’s book “Metalworking: Doing it Better”


Dorian Tool MCLNR12-4B insert holder with Iscar CNMG 431-GN Grade IC9250 – Turning Insert


Ground HSS 90 degree inside/outside chamfering tool bit.