T&C Grinder

Tool and Cutter Grinder


This is a Hybco 1900 Tool and Cutter grinder with Hybco 2100 form and relief cutting attachment. I added a DRO from tpactools.com.  I needed to setup a Rotary Phase Converter and had a 3450 rpm 3 phase motor so I ordered the control panel from phase-craft on ebay.  They were super helpful and I’m very happy with how easy it was to complete the RPC.

I’m still figuring out how to utilize this machine.  Despite having the instruction manual for the 2100 attachment, It has been challenging trying to set it up for sharpening drill bits.

I did manage to use it to sharpen a transfer punch and grind down the end of a drill bit to make a counter bore for #10 socket head cap screws.