Starrett Micrometer Head Disasembly

So I got this great deal on a Starrett RV363 Micrometer head on ebay.  My plan was to make an indicator calibration rig.  I carefully selected a vendor that allowed returns in case the micrometer head was bad.  New rule:  If I find the item I purchased from ebay is bad, just send it back.  There was only about half the travel and then the mic got tight.  Maybe just needs a cleaning or some oil thinks I.  No, the spindle is bent.

In the process of un assembling the mic, I completely destroyed it.  Since I was not able to find correct directions for the disassembly, and the 3d viewer Starrett employs does not render threads, here is the remains of my mic with diagram of how it should go.


I decimated the ratchet mechanism which is what holds the “shell” on.  From what I could find I was lead to believe the ratchet mechanism was held in place solely by the taper.  I couldn’t see anything else in the schematic on Starrett’s web site (link at bottom).  So if one were to simply unscrew the ratchet from the spindle (standard rh thread) by carefully gripping it with padded pliers, or making a spanner the goes over the (broken off)stem that the (missing) retaining screw theads into.  One then only need use the micrometer wrench to loosen the nut and un-thread it.  A non bent spindle should now slide out (I think).


The binder ring tightens as you turn it.


The barrel spring on left and the lock pin that the binder ring rides over.

IMG_20160710_071102811 IMG_20160710_071120851

Yeah, the shell is really easy to damage.  No Hammers!


Not on the schematic, but it is threaded in there.

starrett 363rl

Click pic to go to Starrett’s site.  You will need to dowload their app if you want to view the 3d renderings.