4x48 sander

Modified Delta belt/disc sander.  Now 4″x48″ belt sander with heavy duty rest.



Black and decker 6″ bench grinder. Left wheel standard aluminum oxide for grinding tig tungsten.  Right wheel is a CGW blue Aluminum Oxide designed for grinding High Speed Steel.   I ground all my first lathe bits with this wheel.


This is an 8″ PRM (Production Tool Supply store brand) grinder that I mounted on a pedestal.  Very similar to the Palmgren brand grinder.  I added a cooling cup and do my HSS lathe bits on this grinder now.  At 3/4 hp it is significantly more powerful than most 6 and 8″ bench grinders and make quick work of roughing in special lathe bit from blanks.

Traditional style pedestal base.  A good use for the 2 ply tires that come on cheap trailers.